PCB art Palm Tree with amazing colors and patterns , sawed and crafted from PCB.

Pendant size : about 5 cm height on 3.5 cm. width.

Personalization and Customization :

Any design is possible! (almost:) considering the limitations of material and thickness, so just try me, if it is possible, price would be the same.

Any chain (from other pendants on my shop) or key chain are available.

Recycle computers! actually PCB's of all kinds of electronic equipment, I get the leftovers from the manufacturers and I cut them (by hand, no laser!) so each piece is unique and might be different from the pic, you can direct me, if you like more gold on it or green or blue pcb, and I will try to find the right one.


Palm Tree PCB

Chain Length
  • Materials


    Sterling Silver/Goldfilled Chain.


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