Matte Black Brass cuff.
brushed on the edges, making it black and Gold.

Cuff Measurement :
Width : approx. 5.5 mm.
Thickness : approx. 2 mm
Length, end to end, without the gap : approx. 16.5 cm

Strong and adjustable.

This cuff is made of a thick brass piece, shaped and polished, than, I'm sand blasting the cuff to make the surface adhesive to a special matte black oven color on top,
After it dries, I'm brushing the edges, uncovering the brass

Upon purchase, please write me your wrist size.


◀ ◀The black covering is the strongest and most beautiful I know, but still, it can get scratched,
underneath is the brass cuff, and scratches and life would make it more special, vintage look, just be aware of that▶ ▶

Black & Gold Cuff

  • Materials


    Matte Black Car Color.

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