The beauty and the beast.

Six Diamonds on Stainless Steel Nut on a Sterling silver chain.

Diamond : Very high quality clear/black small diamond (1.5/100 carat).

Nut : stainless steel M5 nut.
Diameter : approx. 9 mm.

Chain : Oxidized Sterling silver curb chain :
Curb chain 3.5
The chain is oxidized and has a beautiful vintage antique look.
Sterling Silver 3.5 mm Width curb chain.

My recommendation : 60 cm long chain.

"To be or nut to be"

Fifth pic :

One Diamond on M3 Nut on 2 mm width Curb chain :

Diamond nuts


Six Dimensional

  • Materials

    Stainless Steel Nut.

    6 * 1.5 pt. Diamond

    Sterling Silver Chain.