Bracelet Size

Links bracelets have different sizes,

Cuff bracelets usually comes in one size that will fit most men's or women's wrists.

How do I find my Wrist Size?

Use a measuring tape or a string to measure the size of your wrist,

Recommended Bracelet Size would be 0.8-1.2 inch = 2-3 cm over your wrist size.

If you don't have any measuring tape handy, or you buy a gift for someone, Use 3 sizes:

Men :

Small wrist : 19-20.5cm = 7.5-8inch

Medium wrist : approx. 21cm

Large wrist : 22-23cm = 8.5-9inch

Women :

Small wrist : 15-16.5cm = 6-6.5inch

Medium wrist : 17.5cm = 7inch

Large wrist : 19-20.5 = 7.5-8inch

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