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Ring Size

I use US chart, if you don't, please use this chart to compare international sizes.

Chain Length

Bracelet Size

Links bracelets have different sizes, Cuf bracecelets usually comes in one size that will fit most men's or women's wrists. How do I find my Wrist Size? Use a measuring tape or a string to measure the size of your wrist, Recomended Bracelet Size would be 0.8-1.2 inch = 2-3 cm over your wrist size. If you don't have any measuring tape handy, or you buy a gift for someone, Use 3 sizes: Men : Small wrist : 19-20.5cm = 7.5-8inch Medium wrist : approx. 21cm Large wrist : 22-23cm = 8.5-9inch Women : Small wrist : 15-16.5cm = 6-6.5inch Medium wrist : 17.5cm = 7inch Large wrist : 19-20.5 = 7.5-8inch