About GB

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Hello, I m Gal Barash.
Established 2005 – Tel Aviv.

Every day is full of opportunities to find tons of beauty and magic in every square meter,
and everything can be wearable, as is or as an inspiration.

This shop and gallery is an invitation to discover the infinite beauty of functionality.

Nuts, bolts, springs, cogs, computer chips, watch mechanisms, record albums, cameras and old car parts with silver, brass and gold creating jewelry with a unique balance of grit and grace… I enjoy the challenge of uncovering the aesthetic quality of industrial materials, of functional parts, turning them into minimalist and playful jewelry.

I m an industrial designer by degree but a jewelry designer and inventor by life, searching and looking all the time beyond what is acceptable.

I love to find beauty where it is not suppose to be , to have outer relations and meanings to each piece.
My jewelry collections have been presented in design exhibitions around the world, including the United States,The Netherlands and China.
Although , I stay underground…:)

Revolution is not a one time event – explore, play, change!



Nuts in my studio



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